Reichert Joins Rally in Olympia as Voter Initiatives Take Effect; Ferguson Nowhere to be Found

June 7, 2024

Former congressman and candidate for governor, Dave Reichert, attended a rally with Let’s Go Washington to celebrate three voter initiatives taking effect to restore reasonable police pursuits, uphold parental rights, and keep Washington tax free. Attorney General Bob Ferguson was nowhere to be found.


“For years, because of Bob Ferguson’s policies, we’ve witnessed law and order take a back seat in Washington. Voters and the legislature made it clear: criminals need to be held accountable. Initiative 2113 — providing the right for police officers to pursue suspected criminals —takes effect today. I’m hopeful restoring the tools law enforcement needs to combat crime will make our state safer, but there’s more work to be done. As governor, I’ll implement my public safety plan on day one.


“Despite attempts from the ACLU to block the will of the voters, I’m also proud to stand side by side with Washington families as the Parents Bill of Rights is implemented. This law will protect parents and children—once again I ask Bob Ferguson—do you stand with Washington families or the ACLU?”