Reichert Campaign to Air Ad During Presidential Debate

June 27, 2024

Dave Reichert’s campaign for governor will air its first ad, titled “Accountable,” on television during the first presidential debate tonight.


The ad opens with Reichert detailing his 33-year career in law enforcement, which includes 8 years as King County Sheriff, where he arrested rioters and violent criminals such as rapists and mass murderers, before questioning why Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who has been the state’s top cop for nearly 12 years, believes he deserves a promotion as crime has exploded on his watch.


Since 2015, violent crime is up 55 percent, aggravated assault is up 73 percent, rape is up 51 percent, and murder is up a staggering 95 percent across the state according a report from the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs released last year.


The data is undeniable, Bob Ferguson has failed to keep Washingtonians safe as Attorney General. While Ferguson campaigns on tackling skyrocketing crime by hiring more police officers and putting an end to the fentanyl crisis, his record shows these are just empty words. Ferguson has pushed to decriminalize lethal drugs such as fentanyl that are ravaging Washington communities and over 100 Washington State Troopers lost their jobs due to his guidance.


Reichert, on the other hand, has released a plan that shakes up the status quo by empowering law enforcement officers to enforce the law, combatting the fentanyl crisis, and putting an end to the juvenile crime epidemic.


Watch the ad here:



“Accountable” will air across the state during tonight’s presidential debate and kickstarts the campaign’s push for the August 6 Primary Election.


Accountable” Script


Dave Reichert: As Sheriff, I arrested rioters, rapists, and mass murderers. Locked up human traffickers that preyed on women and children.


On my watch, everyone was accountable.


Despite being the Attorney General for 12 years, Bob Ferguson does not take responsibility for the rapid increase in crime and homelessness. Businesses moving out of state and jobs lost.


And he thinks he deserves a promotion?