ICYMI: USA Today | Gov races to watch in ’24: Washington

May 31, 2024

Good morning—


In case you missed it, USA Today noted that Washington’s open gubernatorial race is one of three races they are watching this year, but that isn’t a surprise to anyone here at home.


Washington families are grappling with crippling inflation while feeling less and less safe in their own neighborhoods. According to last week’s Cascade PBS/Elway poll, the economy is the top concern for all voters while crime is a top concern for Independent voters.


The political environment is so awful for the party that has controlled the governor’s mansion for the last 39 years that Attorney General Bob Ferguson has resorted to demanding Secretary of State Steve Hobbs break the law to give him a leg up on the ballot.


Bottom line: It should shock no one, especially Bob Ferguson, that national eyes are on Washington’s gubernatorial race. Washingtonians are ready for a change and will elect Dave Reichert in November.