ICYMI: Axios | Reichert releases ad vowing not to change abortion laws

June 7, 2024

In case you missed it, Axios reported Dave Reichert is releasing an ad vowing not to change abortion law if elected Washington’s next governor.


“I do not believe any politician regardless of personal belief has the right to make that decision for any woman,” Reichert says.



Reichert concludes the video by pointing out Attorney General Bob Ferguson continues to lie to voters about what he will do as governor.


Ferguson can’t explain why crime has skyrocketed since he’s been Washington’s top cop, why he pushed the legislature to decriminalize fentanyl that has ravaged communities, or why he demanded Secretary of State Steve Hobbs break the law to benefit his political ambitions.


Bottom Line: Dave Reichert is taking his abortion views directly to voters and promising not to change the law. It’s time for Bob Ferguson to defend his failed record as Attorney General and to stop spreading fear by lying about Reichert’s stance on this issue.