Former King County Sheriff and U.S. Representative Dave Reichert Announces His Run for Governor

July 7, 2023

CHELAN, WA – Former King County Sheriff and U.S. Representative, Dave Reichert, confirmed his run for Governor in an iPhone video released earlier today.


In the clip Reichert takes a short break from a hike outside Chelan (WA) to reassure Washingtonians they can chart a dynamic path forward that’s truly built on openness and independence.


“I’m Dave Reichert and I’m running for Governor to protect the vulnerable, to help small businesses and to keep people safe. I have spent an entire lifetime devoted to those three things and I know I can make a difference. From Day One.


“I believe government should be open and responsive, not pitting one region against another, one generation against another, one family against another.”


“So buckle up. We’re going to show America there is another way. Catch you down the road.”


You can view the video HERE